Is Fredericksburg Close To Virginia Beach?

Are you planning on moving to Fredericksburg, Virginia, or maybe planning a trip there to visit with the family? Fredericksburg is a popular destination in Virginia for tourists and residents alike, and is one of the fastest-growing cities in the state of Virginia, so you are not alone in your desire to go there. Keep reading below to learn more about Fredericksburg and how far away it is from Virginia Beach.

Why do People Move to Fredericksburg?

Because the job market in Washington DC is exploding, many people around the country find themselves moving to the area to take advantage of the availability of decent paying jobs. Unfortunately, living in Washington DC is expensive, so many people find themselves having to live in suburbs just outside of DC. Tourists also like to stay in suburbs when visiting the DC so they have an opportunity to wind down without having to deal with a big-city atmosphere at the end of the day. Fredericksburg is one of these suburbs.

Fredericksburg is a popular destination because of its close proximity to popular areas throughout Virginia. In fact, it may be the best place to live in the state. Living in Fredericksburg puts you within an hour’s drive to Washington DC, an hour and a half drive to Baltimore, Maryland, and a mere 15 minutes away from Kings Dominion, which your kids will love if you have any.

If you like hanging out at the beach, Virginia Beach is about an hour and a half drive away as well. It is the closest ocean beach to Fredericksburg. Other beaches within a days drive are the Outer Banks of North Carolina, which can be reached in about three hours, and Myrtle Beach, which is around five hours away.

Other beaches are closer, but they aren’t ocean beaches. There is a Buckroe Beach on the Chesapeake Bay, and a river beach on the Potomac is about an hours drive away in Yorktown that is called Colonial Beach. While none of these can compare to the attractions found at Virginia Beach, they are a decent alternative for those who wish to hang out at the water but aren’t interested in making the long drive to Virginia Beach.

If you are thinking about moving to Fredericksburg, Virginia, You now have a little more information at your disposal to decide whether or not the place for you. For beach lovers who are hesitant to move therer because it isn’t on the ocean, knowing it is only an hour and a half drive away should put your mind at ease.